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3 NH gloss meter HG and NHG series come out

2018-01-19      Click:55
3 NH gloss meter HG and NHG series come out

3nh gloss meter HG series and NHG series of full listing, automatic calibration, automatic measurement, manual measurement, large screen display, touch screen input, measurement calibration gloss board.
As early as 2 years ago, 3nh successfully developed a prototype of the gloss meter. In order to fully integrate with international products BYK, after 3nh's long-term experiments and exploration, it has finally created an international optical grade gloss meter and solved the problem of relying on algorithms The problem is a wide range of adaptability and compatibility of similar products, such as single-angle 60 and triangular 60 measured results must be consistent.
The 3nh gloss meter has six models, including the high-performance NHG series and the economical HG series, models: NHG60, NHG268, NHG60M, HG60, HG60S, HG268, covers the gloss of 0-199.9 and 0-2000 Range, as well as micropore gloss meter.
Selling point: HG and NHG series of gloss meter not only has a very beautiful appearance, but also has a low-gloss and high gloss automatic switching core technology, and uses a large screen TFT true color high-definition display, which can be displayed simultaneously test 10 Group measurement data, the current measurement data is highlighted with characters, allowing users to quickly compare different products and different measurement positions of gloss. HG series is fully automatic calibration, the price is lower, and NHG's biggest advantage is that in addition to fully automatic calibration and automatic measurement, equipped with touch-screen manual input and field setting technology, with gloss board metering and calibration functions, Can also be manually measured and automatically measured rapid free switch.
How to have a 3nh gloss meter? Please note 3nh gloss meter, users will soon be able to enjoy the high quality service and high quality products.

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