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What can 3nh offer you?

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3nh includes gloss meter, spectrophotometer, colorimeter, color light box, and iso 12233 test chart.
For help in the areas of appearance, color, and physical properties, 3nh is your one stop solution. Since 1998, we have been providing products and services to customers all over the world. Our products include gloss meterspectrophotometercolorimetercolor light box, and iso 12233 test chart.
3nh gloss meter
Whether you are a manufacturer of coatings or plastics or use coatings or plastics in your products, we offer a wide variety of quality instruments at affordable prices. We can help you become more familiar with the range of products that are available. For instance, users who are interested in proper color and appearance will want to consider buying a color meter, spectrophotometer, gloss meter, paint test charts, or color testing device. Every 3nh product is tested for quality, durability, and of course, accuracy. Paint and plastic testing is made easy with the use of the proper devices.
3nh spectrophotometer
While offering top of the line products is the main goal of 3nh, we do not stop there. No matter if you are buying a testing device for the first time, or have a question on your current order, we will be able to help you out on the spot. To go along with this, 3nh offers a repair to ensure that your devices are in perfect working order at all times. Every time we repair the instruments and we will do the inner calibration service. For 100 percent accuracy and productivity, this is an absolute must.
3nh colorimeter
For all your paint and plastic testing needs, 3nh is the right choice. Not only do we offer quality products, but our sales and service staff are always ready to serve you. No matter you directly order it from our factory or from our agent, we also will do the best service to you.
Tilo color light box

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