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BYK Color Measurement
  • Surface Tension

    Surface Tension

    Surface Tension The measurement of surface properties of solid substrates is critical for performance of the end-use product. The surface property measurement using the contact angle method can quant...

  • Microscopes


    Microscopes Microscopes have been used for centuries as visual aides to assess small structures. BYK-Gardner offers a digital microscope along with the traditional microscope designs. The USB digital ...

  • Permeability


    Permeability Test The permeability of coatings is an important property to measure the water vapor transfer through a paint film. Water resistance under high humidity conditions is an ideal test to me...

  • Impact Testers

    Impact Testers

    Impact Tester The Impact Tester is a widely used device for the coating and plastic industries. In both industries impact resistance is measured by a falling weight from a controlled distance. For pla...

  • Hardness Testers

    Hardness Testers

    Hardness Testing Equipment Coating hardness is the resistance of a coating to a mechanical force such as pressure, rubbing, or scratching. There are many hardness measurement devices available dependi...