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Japan Products
  • French Fry Index Colorimeter CR-410FF

    French Fry Index Colorimeter CR-410FF

    The handheld CR-410FF French fry colorimeter is an extremely accurate instrument for measuring the color of cooked French fries. The CR-410FF is portable and simple, so taking on-site measurements see...

  • Tomato Index Colorimeter CR-410T

    Tomato Index Colorimeter CR-410T

    The handheld CR-410T tomato colorimeter uses a USDA approved index to measure and grade the color of processed tomato products. This index makes color readings much simpler by presenting the user with...

  • Coffee Index Colorimeter CR-410C

    Coffee Index Colorimeter CR-410C

    Coffee cr-410c step, coffee color is easy and accurate. It can measure all kinds of coffee: whole mung beans, baked beans and roasted coffee. The colorimeter is used to measure the color of coffee bea...

  • Spectrophotometer CM-3610A

    Spectrophotometer CM-3610A

    Adopting patented innovative optical system techniques can deal with numerical 3610A radiance control measurements (NGC), simultaneous measurement (SCI) and non (SCE) mirror components. In addition, U...

  • Spectrophotometer CM-3630

    Spectrophotometer CM-3630

    The CM-3630 bench-top spectrophotometer ensures perfect compliance to optical standards ISO 2469 and ISO 2470 used in the Pulp and Paper Industry. Together with the designated software values for colo...