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Color Light Box

CAC120 Colour Assessment Cabinet

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CAC120 Colour Assessment Cabinet / A Reliable Tool for Consistent Control of Colour

Brand: VeriVide

Made in U.K.

The excellent viewing conditions and the consistency of the light sources obtained from all VeriVide Colour Control Cabinets help to ensure reliable colour critical decisions under consistent lighting.


The CAC 120 is the medium sized Light Box in our range and is pictured right. It can accommodate up to 4 light sources. (The CAC 120-5 will take up to 5). The light sources can be specified by you to meet your own specific needs and requirements.  A typical cabinet includes UV and F with a choice of two other light sources - usually D65 and one 'point of sale' light source such as 840P15, 830 or Cool White. If required, A or H can be supplied instead of F. See Lamp Options for more information.

You can stipulate the voltage you require to meet the requirement of the end location and you can also ask for the cabinet to be fitted with a Diffuser and/or Dimmers (depend on lamp options you select).

Our cabinets are normally supplied painted internally with a neutral matt grey - Ref G5574 but can also be supplied with alternatives of paint colours, Munsell N5 or Munsell N7. We also have a selection of accessories specifically designed for our CAC cabinet range, including Benches, Workstations and Cupboards. Tables, both Tilting and Fixed Angle, are also available.


Individual retailers have different specifications for the lamps and paint used in the Colour Assessment Cabinets, for more details please click on LIGHT CABINETS - RETAILER SPECIFICATIONS. 

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