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Color Light Box

CC120-W Hanging Color Light Box (D65, D65&D50, D65&D

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CC120-W Hanging Color Light Box 

Brand: TILO

Made in China 

Common Light source: D65,D50,U30

Replacement light source: TL84, UV, CWF ,TL83



CC120-W Hanging Color Viewer light box is suitable for all places where color management is required in the printing factory workshop, advertising company, output center, etc. It can be easily installed or hung on the table top and ceiling.


CC120-W hanging light box support 3 versions, single light source, double light source, and 3 light sources. Standard light source is D65, D50, U30, and we offer TL84, UV, CWF ,TL83 for optional.  This machine was controlled by microcomputer, which allows the rapid conversion between each light source. The Color Viewer also had the function of display the running time of each light source.


Light source


In different condition, the object may present different spectrum with same color. Our vision result of the colors will be differently, thereby it will affect us to judge the color accurately by our naked eyes. While according to our customer’s demand, the Color Viewer ,which is the international standard, can provide the right light source you need when you check the colors, such as D65,D50,TL84,UV,U30,CWF etc.. The life-span of lamp depends on the accumulated running time and the turn-on times. When the lamp becomes aging, light instability or the two sides turn black, please replace the lamp timely, otherwise, the checking result will be affected.

Lamp introduction:

Special artificial daylight source for printing
1.D50 standard light source lamp Simulate Daylight Warm daylight
◆High color rendering index CRI≥95 or CRI=98
◆According to ISO 3664:2009 printing standard observation conditions
◆Graphica Pro, COLOR proof series for the exclusive use of imported printing machine
60cm 18W/950 T8 Graphica Pro imported from Europe
120cm 36W/950 T8 Graphica Pro imported from Europe
2.D65 standard light source lamp Simulate Daylight Cold daylight
◆High color rendering index CRI≥95 or CRI=98
◆According to ISO 3664:2009 printing standard observation conditions
◆Special light source for color viewer and color light box,T60+ P60+ CC120 series
60cm 18W/965 T8 Graphica Pro imported from Europe
120cm 36W/965 T8 Graphica Pro imported from Europe


Other common light sources

CWF light source lamp (4150K, cool white fluorescent, US store light source)
TL84 light source lamp (4000K, European and Japanese store lighting source)
U30 light source lamp (3000K, American store lighting source)
U35 light source lamp (3500K, designated light source of United States Target Department)
Light source tube (UV source for the detection of products using fluorescent and whitening dyes)
A light source bulb (2856K,American shopwindow spotlight/home incandescent light,color reference light source)



Boundary dimension 130 cm x 76 cm x 10 cm (length) x (width) x (height)
Material Real aluminium alloy material
frame materials Aluminum alloy profile streamlined design beautiful and elegant imported reflector Uniform light coverplate and illumination
Uniform light coverplate Openable uniform light coverplate for easy lamp replacement
Hanging material Hooks at the back and a load-bearing steel chain that can be hung directly to the ceiling or fixed to the rack
Light Source Conforms to ISO3664 international standard
Color temperature D50 (5000K) or D65 (6500K)
Lamp series Graphica for the exclusive use of imported printing machine
Color rendering index D50: CRI ≧ 95 or CRI = 98 D65: CRI ≧ 90 or CRI = 95
Number of lamps 36Wx4 (pcs) - with light source timer

Remark: D65, D50, U30, TL84, U35, UV, TL83, CWF optional.

Light Source


D65 & D50

D65 & D50 & U30


D65   6500K   36W  

D65    6500K      36W  

D50    5000K      36W

D65      6500K     36W

D50      5000K     36W

U30      3000K     36W


 AC220V  50HZ 

 AC220V  50HZ 

 AC220V  50HZ 

Wortable Size (cm)




Size (cm)

 133* 102*216

 133* 102*216


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