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CPT(2) Color Proof Table

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CPT(2) Color Proof Table 

Brand: TILO

Made in China

CPT(2) Color Proof Table is a multifunctional color proof station. The initial usage of this product is in advertising, prepress, digital proofing or press proofing. It can also provide customers with a standardized lighting environment as stated in the contract. After it has been made available in the market, many customers use it as a value-for-money tool for color observation.

CPT(2) Color Proof Table Specifications: 
Dimension(mm): 1100W*850D*1940H
Illuminance area(mm): 1000W*750D

Tube parameter:


Power: 36W (or 32W) 
Color temperature: D50
Length: 970mm
Quantity: 5

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