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Color Lighting Box

CPS(1) Color Proof Station(Color light box)

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CPS(1) Color Proof Station(Color light box)

Brand: TILO

Made in China


Color Proof Station is designed especially for color comparison between objects and samples during the printing process. It adopts CPL asymmetrical standard lighting viewing box and can illuminate two working surfaces, i.e. the vertical surface with samples and the horizontal surface with objects. The drawer beneath the working table can house films and PS plates. It's equipped with rolling track, which enables it to slide under weight.

CPS(1) Color Proof Station Specifications: 
Dimension(mm): 1350W*1120D*2350H
Illuminance area(mm): 1270W*750D 
Size of drawer(mm): 1265W*770D*70H Tube parameter:


Lamp power: 36W (or 32W) 
Color temperature: D50(or D65) 
Length: 1200mm 
Quantity: 5

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