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Built-in White Calibration Plate

2017-10-25      Click:38
Product Comparison
Colorimeter Cover with Built-in White Calibration Plate (accessory of NH300 & NH310)
When not use NH300 and NH310 colorimeter, you can put the cover on to protect colorimeter from the dust. Meanwhile, because it has built-in white calibration plate, 3nh colorimeter will complete white calibration automatically when starting up.
Product Description
Innovation patent description-Auto White Calibration
It’s an easy, simple and fast auto white calibration technology at startup which can escape from the traditional complex manual white and black calibration.
Customer Feedback
When I start up the colorimeter, it will complete white and black calibration without any consciousness. That’s really convenient!
Unlike the old colorimeter, I have to operate many times to enter measurement status.

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