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SineImage YETE220 camera lens rear focal length test card (r

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SineImage YETE220 camera lens rear focal length test card (reflex transmission optional)
SineImage YETE220 camera lens rear focal length test card (reflex transmission optional), rear focus test card (36 cycles)
Brand: ESSER, Essar, /Sine, Image
Model: TE220
Size: customizable
Material: high definition paper / film
Ratio: 4:3
Type: reflective / transmissive optional
Brief introduction of rear focus test card (36 cycle)
The rear focus test card TE220 is designed for adjusting camera lenses and checking the focal length. It consists of four smaller components at the center of a large SIEMENS star and located in the corner of the test chart.
After the focal length test card, use the SIEMENS star testing card help
With low transmit filter and low level lighting, make sure that the camera does not modulate when the aperture is in open position.
A) optical focus: focus zoom zoom lens.
(b) rear focal length (lens): optimized by adjusting the lens with an adjusting screw and passing through the A to adjust the focal length by * * short focal length.
(c) rear focal length (camera tube): if the focal length varies from the channel to the channel between the short focal length of the * * *, the individual camera tubes must be mechanically adjusted on the optical axis.
1. select white channel. Focus the optical focus on the focal length. Adjust the camera tube in the W- channel until the focus is achieved using the short focus and divergence focus of the * * *. Optimized by alternately focusing with the optical focus.
2. do not change the optical focus adjustment and the * * short focal length to adjust the red and blue camera tubes until the focus is achieved. After the adjustment of the rear focal length, focus (focus adjustment) is maintained at all focal lengths (magnification) and at a constant distance from the object.

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