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Enhanced ISO 12233 Resolution Test Chart

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Enhanced ISO 12233 Resolution Test Chart   

Resolution test chart is the standard proof which can provide aided testing for vertical resolution and horizontal resolution of actual shooting. 
Resolution test uses ISO 12233 resolution test chart and adopts unified shooting angle and environment. 
The calculation of resolution test uses HYRes software, and the calculation will be done in two parts: vertical resolution and horizontal resolution. 
Digital camera assessment is different from other products. It’s unlike laptop and DIY which have a lot of software to test objective data and everything can be seen from the data. However, assessing the quality of digital camera not only needs certain objective data, but also needs to combine actual operation and the shooting proofs. Therefore, our assessment is based on the principle of objective data and combined rational analysis from the experienced reviewers to obtain the most objective assessment results. 
ISO 12233 resolution test chart is in accordance with ISO 12233 standard “Photography- Electronic Photographic Image-Measurement”. In active area of 1x size, the error is only 0.1mm when measuring the height of 20cm. It has almost all the characteristics of most resolution charts.

Specification            Active Area                Material
      1 X               20 cm x 35.6 cm       Photographic Paper
      2 X               40 cm x 71.1 cm       Photographic Paper
      4 X               80 cm x 142.2 cm     Photographic Paper
      8 X               160 cm x 284.4 cm   Photographic Paper
      0.5X             10cm x 17.8 cm        Photographic Paper

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