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2015 Edition PANTONE TCX Color Cotton Passport Card

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2015 Edition PANTONE TCX Color Cotton Passport Card

2,100 market-driven fashion, home and interior TCX colors in one portable folio.

The newly redesigned Cotton Passport now features the complete Fashion + Home TCX Color System – including all 175 new TCX colors added in 2011 – in a new chromatic arrangement.

A convenient accordion-style format lets you see the entire PANTONE Fashion+Home Color library at a glance. It’s never been easier or faster to find your inspiration, locate a PANTONE Color or accurately communicate your color ideas and decisions.

Cotton Passport travels with you easily, so you’ll never be without your complete set of PANTONE Fashion + Home colors. It’s the perfect choice for client consultations, vendor meetings, fashion shows, trade events –even trendspotting and shopping. For a home office, smaller studio or satellite workspace, Cotton Passport makes a handy compact companion to our larger format PANTONE Color products.

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  • 2,100 trend-relevant Fashion + Home colors in a compact 5” x 8” folio, arranged by color family in a user-friendly accordion style format
  • Permanently affixed 100% cotton chips are numerically referenced with Fashion + Home Color Numbers
  • A fast and efficient guide for ordering full-size color Swatch Card standards – saves time and costly mistakes
  • Single-color separation mask enhances color viewing
  • Attractive jewel-toned cover makes a design statement of its own
  • Includes COLOR MANAGER Software enabling digital design with all PANTONE Color libraries
  • The PANTONE Fashion+Home Color System is supported by a worldwide network of suppliers and technical assistance
  • Portable, compact TCX color reference makes it ideal for quick color choices in the office or while traveling
  • Accordion-style format provides a comprehensive view of all of the PANTONE Fashion+Home Colors at a glance
  • A standard language of communication that is understood around the world
  • Provides the most accurate and effective way to communicate and specify color choices to clients and manufacturers
  • As a production tool, any PANTONE Fashion+Home Color can be selected and communicated throughout the world by using the six-digit PANTONE Fashion+Home Color Number
  • PANTONE Colors are your benchmark standards that should be used to set up your primary color standards to be approved for production
  • As a quality control tool, the consistency and accuracy of the PANTONE Fashion+Home Colors assures reliable color reproduction time and time again
  • PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software enables digital design with all PANTONE Color libraries.



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