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Color difference measurement method of several colors

2017-10-30      Click:785
Color difference measurement method of several colors
The color measurement is generally divided into two kinds of light source color and object color, which is why the color difference instrument must use standard light source as the lighting system in research and development. Colorimetric knowledge we know in the past, light color can directly affect the color, the result of the visual stimulation is a visual nerve to the brain change color signal, so the unified standard of lighting light source is the foundation of color accurate and reliable detection
Object measurement is divided into the fluorescent substance and the fluorescent material measurement. The fluorescent substance is more than the fluorescent material measurement. Now the color of the existing measuring methods include visual method, photoelectric integral method and spectrophotometry. These three methods are used in the industry, just according to the color is different for different application scope and industry.
With the improvement of scientific and technological level and the rise of the people of color quality, visual color measurement method can't satisfy the requirement of the industrial production. So now the color measurement way in industry is photoelectric integral method and spectrophotometry. The photoelectric integral method used photoelectric integral color difference meter measurement with computer software and operation personnel's experience, less high accuracy requirement, but this way is suitable for the need to control color object, the object of measurement accuracy is not high color measurement and analysis. Spectrophotometric rule is to use light color measurement instrument and computer color matching software in combination with experience of operators and some measurement accuracy is relatively high, data analysis, use more intensive industries and products.
Colorimetry principle has been widely used in all walks of life, and constantly to some particular industry such as archaeology, quarantine and so on.

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