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Determination for the three elements of color

2017-11-04      Click:760
Determination for the three elements of color
Because of the three elements of color,colorimeter can detect color and displayed in the form of Numbers. The international experts have summarized the law of color by continuous exploration and discovery.CIE determines the basis, color space and color difference calculation formula of color difference instrument according to the three elements of color. It can be said that the three elements of color are the most basic basis for color detection. It is very important to know and familiarize with the three elements of color.
In the colorful world, we say that bananas are yellow, clouds are white, watermelons are red, the sky is blue. These are the color judgments of our daily life. Tone is the term that people use to determine the color category of the world. And it is also the classification of red, yellow and blue that we usually say. Tonal is one of the indicators of color detection instrument. We know that mixing colors with different colors can produce new colors, such as yellow and red, which can produce orange and so on.
The bright and dark color is also one of the main factors that determines color. For example, if you want to compare the banana yellow and lemon yellow, we'll see that the lemon yellow will be brighter. Compare the yellow of the lemon with the red cherry in Europe, and the lemon yellow is obviously brighter. Visibly, color brightness measurement about the color difference instrument is not relate to the  tonal. We can see that the brightness changes along the vertical direction, and the brighter the color, the darker it is from the figure.

Color saturation
Color saturation is another elements of color. The color saturation decided that we see a bright degree of the object. It likes that we see lemon and the banana are yellow. But we can clearly feel the difference between the two color. The yellow of the banana is relatively dim. This is the color saturation, the color saturation of the lemon is high so it looks bright and bright, the banana color saturation is low so it looks dim. As can be seen from figure, the closer is to the center, the color is more negative. The farther is from the center, it is more brighter.
The above is the three elements that determine color, these factors are the key measure attribute of the color difference instrument. It is also the important index to analyze color.

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