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3 NH Vertical Color Difference Operating Instructions

2018-01-07      Click:52
3 NH Vertical Color Difference Operating Instructions

3NH vertical colorimeter is three enamel professional developed affordable equipment, the vertical structure of the instrument easy to operate data analysis fast and easy. This type of colorimeter is defined as the NR series, the most representative of which is the NR60CP color-difference meter. Now we take the NR60CP color difference meter as an example to introduce the simple operation of this instrument.
First open the instrument box to view the configuration, including instruments, whiteboard, universal charger, battery, software CD-ROM, data cable, said that 4mm caliber, one by one check the standard product is complete.

Check the product configuration is complete, if you use the battery to provide measurement power supply, and the battery is full, then we measure just remove the instrument, battery, measuring caliber, and the other whiteboard we find the data is not corrected in time, do not need to be calibrated each time.

Remove the battery cover, the battery installed. Boot into the measurement interface.

3nh cheaper colorimeter 3nh cheaper colorimeter
3nh cheaper colorimeter 3nh cheaper colorimeter
3nh cheaper colorimeter 3nh cheaper colorimeter
3nh cheaper colorimeter 3nh cheaper colorimeter

According to the need to select the measurement area, the first use of colorimeter measurement standard template, get a set of standard data, and then press the button on the demand and measurement page to enter the sample measurement (red box area below tips), select the measurement sample area Sample data. Three grace when the color difference meter is now simple and convenient operation, to achieve a key measurement of fast reading, as long as the operation of the phone absolutely minutes minutes to learn.

If the same product measurement is completed, but also want to continue to measure the standard data, then follow the measurement page prompt, press the key to enter the standard measurement.

Three grace when the NR series colorimeter also has many features, directly into the way after this is the default configuration using 3NH colorimeter factory, if you measure the product of the measurement environment, measurement space, color difference formula has special requirements Can be set according to the following operation.
First enter the colorimeter's main interface (NR series colorimeter boot is the default measurement interface), press the red box button. The main menu has eight options, data records, black and white correction, start communication, tolerance settings, record delete, light source selection, display mode, function record.

General customers in setting the measurement environment is more common two options is the light source selection and display mode is the function of the color formula choice. Colorimeter These functions according to their needs by ↑ ↓ move the cursor select, confirm by pressing the confirm button.

3NH colorimeter are based on human requirements for the design interface, to ensure that customers operate two or three times after they will fully grasp the use of this instrument, and can quickly and clearly analyze the color information you want.
NR series colorimeter part can also use the PC software with the PC client to use to expand more for

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