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Color Theory

2017-12-18      Click:40
Color Theory
Colorimeter is a kinds of precision optical measuring instrument by the principle of optical/electric conversion of color difference. The measured results are obtained by the standard data and sample data that were collected through analysis and comparison.
In the optical field, the color can be the color scalar of Lab. The L axis is the brightness axis.0 is black and 100 is white. The axis of a is red and green, positive for red, negative for green and 0 for neutral.
The b axis is the yellow and blue axis, the positive value is yellow, the negative value is blue, and 0 is neutral color. The scale can be used to represent with the prototype sample color difference, usually with ΔL, Δa and Δb. ΔE is defined as the total sample color difference, but it can't say out the migration direction of the sample color. Δ E value is greater, the color difference is bigger.
According to the principle of CIE chromaticity space Lab and Lch, then Δa, Δ b, Δ L value and Δ E between standard and sample will be shown. 

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