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How to measure powder color difference with NS800 Hits:130

2017-09-14      Click:29
We can easily use model NS800 spectrophotometer to measure the color difference for finished samples, but how do measure powder wheat flour color difference with it?
Except finished sample, there are always many samples like cosmetics or calcium carbonate or wheat flour these powder products. If customers want to measure the color difference for powder, how do they do?
General color spectrophotometer can't directly measure the powder sample. because these powder samples are easy to enter the aperture and make the inner parts dirty then affect the measurement result not accuracy. The accessory called universal test components is required to hold on the powder, and at this time we could use model NS800 spectrophotometer to measure the powder color difference. 
Let's take this wheat flour for example.
First, take out some wheat flour and put on the plastic cell of univesal test components.  
Wheat flour spectrophotometer
Secondly, install model NS800 spectrophotometer into the accessory, before this, please set the display inversion for better read. 
powder spectrophotometer
Then, put the plastic cell with wheat flour above the aperture, and cover with the black plate.
calcium carbonate spectrophotometer
Finally choose the color space to measure the color difference. Like wheat flour, customers needs to measure the whiteness, and we need to set whiteness function in the instrument, and make the measurement. 
powder test spectrophotometer
All are finished. Is it easy to do?
Here are the two models link:

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