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Color difference detector transparent

2018-01-18      Click:207
Color difference detector transparent

Color detection and evaluation of transparent substances may be more troublesome than common ones because it is transparent so that light is easily leaked in. Transparent substances also know that the color of the eye is large and difficult to control for various reasons. Colorimeter test substance requirements The measurement of the diameter of the cover material can not leak light, but the transparent film due to its special nature will leak light This measurement is more troublesome than other substances, but this is not an unsolved problem. Three grace colorimeter in the measurement of transparent film products, providing two measurement programs, many of our users are so to solve the color quality control of film products.

Color difference detector transparent

The first, multilayer film stack measurement
This approach can reduce the light transmittance of the film, while increasing the color depth of the color film for the color of the instrument when testing more accurate and convenient. This approach must pay attention to the amount of film and batch stacking, film stacking amount must be the same. This method of detecting the color difference between two batches and the color of the product itself may be more reliable. But for the same batch between the color measurement is more complicated, so when three grace gives another way of detection.
Second, the same A4 paper as the background
In the measurement using a piece of A4 paper as a background, so testing to ensure the consistency of the surrounding measurement environment. This method is very effective for measuring the color difference between the same batch and the color difference meter between different batches but is not very good for detecting the color formula of the product itself.
In actual production, the measurement method of color difference meter should be selected according to the inspection requirements of the factory for the film products. The two methods are combined to achieve the color quality control of the film products.

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