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How to Determine the Colour Difference in Colour Palettes?

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How to Determine the Colour Difference in Colour Palettes?


“A girl should be two things classy and fabulous”.  There are many fashion conscious women around the world, who literally follow this quote, said by French fashion designer, Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel. Owing to the worldwide usage of make-up and other cosmetic products, the cosmetic industry has evolved into a Billion dollar industry. As per the recent survey, the market size of Indian cosmetic industry is around 6.5 billion and it will scale new heights within next few years. Both national and international brands are riding on this wave of success. Our Indian film industry has also played a very significant role in their growth by making us realize the importance of good looks and stylish appearance.

There are many new players, who want to enter this highly competitive & profitable market. Most of them come with complete knowledge of the domain and there are others, who do not even have the proper information & instruments to create a perfect colour palette with hundreds of different shades. To make this task easier, 3NHoffers a portable and efficient nh310 Colour Palette Tester. This instrument can be used by manufacturers to measure the actual colour shade of each & every colour available in the palette. Moreover, it operates on the basis of colour detectors and by using different colour channels provided by national and international authorities like BIS, ISO, ASTM and others. 

How to Determine the Colour Difference in Colour Palettes?

Working principle of nh310 Device?

This is a very easy to use and sophisticated testing device used for detecting & eliminating issues related to colour quality. The nh310 Colour Palette Tester comes with secure and high quality IC platform. Its working is based on efficient algorithms that aid in providing highly accurate and fast test results while fulfilling colour quality control requirements of the customer. This colour testing device is designed according to set ergonomic standards to perform both easy and difficult colour measuring tasks with utmost precision. In addition, D65 and D50 light source are used in this device for illumination. 




What is the importance of D65 and D50 illumination?

A proper light source is required to see a colour because the appearance of any coloured item is influenced by the environment in which it is observed and light source. D65 and D50 belong to D series of illuminants and are widely used to portray standard lighting conditions of the world.

D65:  This light blue coloured illuminant is used for the evaluation of textiles, plastics, automotive, inks and paints. It simulates normal daylight, including the ultraviolet radiation.

D50: It is a near white illuminant used for visual inspection of packaging, photographs, printing and graphic applications. This light source has the same amount of blue, green and red energy.

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