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Konica minolta chroma meter CR-400 food colorimeter food chr

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Konica minolta chroma meter CR-400 food colorimeter food chroma meter food color meter fruit color measuring instrument


Brand: Konica Minolta

Made in Japan



CR-400/410 is a newly designed chromatic aberration spectrometer with main features as below:
- Measure time: < 1 second
- Measure aperture / Illume aperture:ø8/ø11 ø50/ø53
- Error: within Æ*ab 0.6
- More convenient --- Probe with LCD display can be used independently and also can be connected to the data processor or computer software.
- More comprehensive --- It can display the chroma chart and relevant data.
- More professional --- Relevant index formula can be set as customer’s desire.
- CR-400/410 contains all the merits of CR-300/310.


* Specifications are subject to change without any prior notice.

Model CR-400 probe CR-410 probe
Illumination Diffusion/0°angle (SCI) Wide area /0°angle(SCI)
Optical element Silicon-photoelec diode (6)
Range Y:0.01 to 160.00% (reflectivity)
Light source Pulse xenon arc lamp
Measure time 1 second
Minimal interval 3 second
Battery About 800 times of test(According to KONICA MINOLTA standard)
Measure/illume aperture ø8 / ø11 ø50 / ø53
Repeatability error Standard deviation within Æ*ab 0.07
(measure 30 times with 10 second interval by white board measurement)
Error Within Æ*ab 0.6 Within Æ*ab 0.8
Measure the average value of 12 BCRC II boards
Visual angle 2° to CIE 1931 (x2λ, yλ, zλ)
Light source C, D65
Display/strong> Color data, aberration data, qualified / warning / unqualified
Permissible deviation Square / oval
Chroma data XYZ,Yxy,L*a*b*,Hunter Lab,L*C*h,Munsell (only for light C),CMC (l:c),CIE 1994,Lab99,LCh99,CIE2000,CIE WI*Tw (only for light D65),BWI ASTM E313 (only for light C),YI ASTM D1925 (only for light C),YI ASTM E313 (only for light C),User's guide (up to 6 settings can be done from the computer)
Language English/French/Italian/Spanish/Japanese
Memory 1000
Chroma standard data 100
Emendation channel 20 groups (ch00:white board emendation,ch01 to ch19:User emendation)
Display configuration LCD with backlight (15-digit)x9 lines + one line pattern-display)

RS-232C serial port output for process or PC download

*Baud rate:4800,9600,19200 (bps),9600 bps(preset)

Power supply

4pcs AAA alkaline battery or Ni-MH battery, AC-A17 adaptor AC120V~50-60Hz 0.4A (used in North America and Japan)

AC230V~50 to 60Hz 0.4A (Besides North America)

Dimensions 102 x 217 x 63mm 102 x 244 x 63mm
Weight (approx.) 550g 570g
(The above weight includes total batteries' weight, but not include the weight of RS-232C cable)

* Specifications are subject to change without any prior notice.


NR60CP colorimeter spectrophotometer



  1. 8mm and 4mm double aperture for switch, easy to measure concave sample in large plane
  2. More stable and accuracy, Delta E ab<0.03
  3. Many color spaces, many color indexes, extensive applicability
  4. Double locating: illuminating locating and cross locating
  5. Equipped with rechargeable high-capacity li-ion battery
  6. Built-in white plate parameters, and configuration of physical whiteboard, easy to operate;
  7. New integrating sphere optical path design, more stable to measure;
  8. Double apertures measurement data can pass SCM metrological certification;




Illuminating/Viewing Geometry

8° / d; CI E No. 15,GB/ T 3978

Light Source

LED sources


Silicon photodiode array

Measuring Aperture

Φ8mm large area end-face; Φ4mm small area concave-convex end-face

Color Space


Other Chromaticity Data

WI ( E313,CI E, AATCC,Hunt er ),YI ( D1925, 313),Color Fastness, Staining Fastness, J PC79,BFD( 1. 5: 1),FMCI I


CI E 10°



Display Data

Colorimetric Value, Color Difference Value/Graph, PASS/FAIL Result, Color Offset,

Measurement Time

0. 4s


ΔE* ab 0. 03(Average of 30 measurement of standard white plate within 5s)

Errors between each instrument

within Delta E*ab 0.2






rechargeable lithium-ion battery 3. 7V @ 3200mAh

Lamp Life

5 years, more than 1.6 million measurements

Display Screen

TFT 2.8 inch(16: 9)



Data Memory

100 Standards, 20000 Samples

Operating Temperature


Storage temperature


Optional Accessory

miniature thermal printer, powder test box


All our products have one year warranty. If it has something wrong during warranty, you can send it back to us. The buyer pays for the returning shipping cost and we will pay for the sending shipping cost.

NR60CP colorimeter

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