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NC-1 Automatic non contact color monitoring and control syst

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  • Automated in-line measures the color of materials continuously and accurately as they move down the production line for improved overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and minimized downtime
  • Capable of measuring the color and appearance of opaque, translucent, and transparent products with smooth or textured surface conditions. The system is particularly effective in measuring solid colors and multi-colored materials with variegated, marbleized, or streaked surfaces
  • Displays the color values and data of products as they're measured and notifies users in real-time when inconsistencies are detected for improved operational efficiency
  • Quality indicators notifies users through audible and visual alarms when products are close to being out of specification or are completely out of specification, allowing users to take corrective action immediately
  • Multiple sensors built with up to five optical sensors, depending on the user's application, for measuring the level of evenness across wide webs or frames
  • Closed-loop process control (optional) integrates seamlessly with manufacturer process control systems to adjust production settings automatically and bring inconsistent products quickly within specification to minimize downtime and optimize operational productivity
  • Advanced analysis software built-in color analysis software allows users to monitor the color quality of their products directly within the system's control panel or through a PC on a remote network, ensuring color quality standards are being met at each plant site or location


Model NC-1
Geometry 22°multi-directional/0°
Light source Continuous /Halogen
Measurement Modes Reflectance and Transmittance
Measurement Speed (sec) minumum 1 sensor: 0.05 sec / 5 sensors 0.08 sec
Measurement Size ( mm)
Depends upon Line Speed
Static: 10mm Refl/ 28mm Transm
Line Speed: 25 m/min = 10x23.7mm
Line Speed: 50 m/min = 10x37.5mm
Line Speed: 100 m/min = 10x65mm
Number of Sensors per Control Unit 1-5
Measuring Distance (mm) 65-75 (sensor tip to product)
Acceptable Vertical Flutter (mm) +- 5mm
Operating Temperature Range (F) 32-150°(with enclosure/cooling)
Operating Humidity Range (%) 0-80 non-condensing
Operating Voltage 110 - 240 V
Communication I/O (control panel) DC Input (8), Relay Output (2), 4-20mA Input (4), Output (4)
Interface (Color Analyzer) USB 2.0., RS-232
Sensor Weight (without enclosure) lbs. 2.9
Sensor Weight (with enclosure) lbs 16.6
Enclosure Rating NEMA4, NEMA4x
Software and Controls Windows-based, Touch screen
Interface Cable (sensor to controls) 
Safety (with enclosures)
Safety Compliance (UL) 508A
Safety Compliance (CSA) Canadian C22.2, No. 94
Safety Compliance (IEC) International 60529, IP66
Repeatability (30 reads) 0.04 ΔE*ab (white tile

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