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X-rite MA9X Multi-Angle hand-held spectrophotometers Instrum

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X-rite MA9X Multi-Angle hand-held spectrophotometers Instrument

MA9X Multi-Angle Instrument Family


You want the newest colors, the latest special effects. And you have to match these colors in every component, every part, every shipment. After all, your name is on the line.

X-Rite understands. That's why we've put our name on a family of hand-held spectrophotometers that give you the ability to easily, accurately, and consistently measure traditional and special effect paints and coatings. Small, but powerful, all three instruments share core features that quickly produce precise, reliable color measurements anywhere from the lab to the production line to QC operations and shipping.

These instruments are designed with varying levels of sophistication, giving you the option to choose the spectro best suited for your operation and budget. All feature exclusive operating advantages — such as X-ColorQC® software that enhances process recording, reporting, and control and a JOBs software mode that allows text or visual measurement direction to ensure consistency.

Get the colors and effects you want. Every time. With portable multi-angle measurement tools from X-Rite. When your name is on the line, rely on ours.

  • MA94 An intelligent, hand-held tool with the power to provide reliable data on coatings for a wide range of industries.

  • MA96 Including data from a -15 degree angle, the MA96 is an intelligent, hand-held tool with the power to provide precise, reliable data on special effect coatings.

  • MA98 By using dual illuminators and sensors that measure more in-plane and out-of-plane angles than any instrument in its class, the MA98 is the only device that meets the ASTM standard (E2539) for measuring interference pigments.


T90-7 Color Light Box (Adjustable Illumination Light)

T90-7 LIGHTBOX.png


T90-7 color light box is 2016 new product, and it adopts 7 light source with 4 sets of LED light (Life up to 25000 times) and 3 sets of fluorescent light source. The unique design combinate of the characteristics of Verivide and X-rite light box. The multi light source turn-on makes easy to check the metamerism of samples. The sample is one color under this light, but it will display another color when you switch another light source. With UV light, close to natural daylight, it can be used independently or together with other light sources, more effective to check the dye sample if they have fluorescent whitening agent. The adjustable illumination offers different light environment for samples, easier to check color difference.




1. Unique International Design Appearance, combination of the characteristics of Verivide and X-rite light box.

2. 7 light source, 4 sets of LED light (Life up to 25000 times), 3 sets of fluorescent light source.

3. Display the use time and numbers of every light source.

4. Adjustable illumination light.

5. Automatic switch among light sources, with metamerism function.

6. No warm-up time or flickering which insures quick and reliable color judgment.

7. Economic power consumption and low heat generation for high light efficiency.

8. Name of light source can be changed, easy to add light.

9. Metal box, durable in use.




Light source

D65, A, D50, UV, U30, TL84, U35



Size (W*D*H)





Specs Parameter



LED light 1 3nh TruD65

2 pcs

15W,  6500±200K


20000-50000 hours & 25000  on-off times

LED light 2 3nh TruA

2 pcs

15W,  2850±200K


LED light 3  3nh TruD50

2 pcs

15W,  5000±200K


LED light 4 3nh TruUV

2 pcs

15W,  Wavelength 360-390nm


Philips F30T12/30U/RS

2 pcs

30W,  3500±200K


2000-3000 hours  & 10000  on-off times

Philips TL-D30S/840

2 pcs

30W,  4000±200K



2 pcs

25W,  3500±200K




Tilo T90-7 color light box is widely used in textile, toy, dye, plastic, pigment, painting, inking, printing, chemical, ceramic, leather, hardware, food etc industries. It can help check color fastness to visual assessment, color proofing, color difference and fluorescent material etc, and ensure these steps, sample, the production, quality inspection, check and accept to be done in the same standard light source. Accurate check the color difference for better color quality control, to improve product competitive.

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