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The Premier Instrument with Unrivaled Accuracy


Color plays an important role in reflecting brand integrity. Whether the final product is an automobile, color-coordinated garments or a child’s toy, accurate and consistent color is critical once the product reaches the shelf or showroom. By delivering the most accurate possible digital color specification to suppliers across even the most complex supply chain, brands can reduce costly errors and rework while speeding time to market.

A typical production workflow includes many potential opportunities for color errors. Variations in the production process itself, from the composition of raw materials to the environmental conditions under which a product is produced, are one source of error. Differences in color measurement procedures are a second source. Inter-instrument agreement – the accuracy and consistency with which various color measurement devices read a color sample – can also contribute to error, particularly in workflows where the first two sources have been carefully controlled. The Ci7860 was specifically designed to minimize the contribution of inter-instrument agreement to color variation, ensuring the most accurate and consistent color control

The new Ci7860 has an inter-instrument agreement specification of 0.06 average Delta E*; this represents a 25 percent improvement over other sphere spectrophotometers.  As a result, the Ci7860 enables brands to create the most precise master color standards and communicate these digitally, in place of physical samples, to supply chain partners. Suppliers can use the Ci7860 or other devices in the Ci7x00 family to verify that both samples and the final product are achieving customers’ strictest color tolerances.


  • A complete audit trail and internal humidity and temperature sensor to accurately track and trace all measurements.
  • Support for legacy data formats to seamlessly fit into existing operational environments.
  • Calibrated UV filters to help measure and control advanced optical brighteners used in paper, textiles, plastics and paint and coatings.
  • Four aperture sizes plus one optional 3.5mm for reflection and transmission measurement across opaque, transparent and translucent materials.
  • Industry standards including CIE No 15, ASTM D1003, ISO 7724/1

The new Ci7860 fits seamlessly into any workflow environment with its unmatched inter-instrument agreement and compatibility with legacy data formats. When combined with Color iMatch from X-Rite, the Ci7860 provides a complete audit trail, including instrument humidity and temperature; video preview with image capture to eliminate user errors, calibrated UV for optically brightened or fluorescent materials, and multiple size apertures for reflection and transmission measurements.

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