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ISO12233 resolution test, image resolution ImageResolut Test

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ISO12233 resolution test, image resolution, ImageResolution test card

Conforms to the ISO12233 standard, reflective and transmissive. According to size, divided into: 0.5 times, 1 times, 2 times, 4 times, 8 times ISO12233 resolution, resolution test card. According to the specifications are divided into: standard type and enhanced type. According to the test terms, the habits are divided into 2000 lines and 4000 lines

This card is used for resolution, also called resolution, resolution test. Transmission type, often called integrated test card, without reflective resolution test card ISO12233, so many size options. The ability to distinguish detail from a lens is a parameter that can tell how many lines per centimeter can be drawn at the time of shooting the resolution board. The test conditions are not the same, the measured results are not the same, so only for reference, and high resolution camera is not necessarily a good shot, it is just a parameter of the lens, one aspect of performance can only reflect lens.

Image resolution (ImageResolution) refers to the amount of information stored in an image. There are several ways of measuring this resolution, typically measured by the number of pixels per inch (PPI, pixel, per, inch). Of course, there are also measured by the number of pixels per centimeter (PPC, pixel, per, centimeter). The resolution of the image determines the quality of the output of the image. The resolution of the image and the size of the image (width and width) determine the size of the file together, and the larger the value, the more disk space the graphics file takes. The image resolution affects the size of the file in proportion, i.e., the size of the file is proportional to the square of the resolution of the image. If the image size is constant, the resolution of the image is doubled, and the size of the file is increased by four times.

The use of ISO12233 resolution resolution test cards:
The resolution (resolution card card) is the standard specimen, can provide vertical resolution and horizontal resolution and other auxiliary test the actual shooting.

The resolution test uses an international standard ISO12233 resolution card for testing, taking a unified shooting angle and shooting environment.
The resolution is calculated by using HYRes software, which is divided into two parts: vertical resolution and horizontal resolution.

For digital cameras, unlike other products, unlike notebooks and DIY, there are plenty of software to test objective data and tell everything from the data. The quality assessment of digital camera in addition to the need to have some objective data, but also combined with the actual operation and to evaluate the shooting proofs. Therefore, our evaluation is based on objective data and combined with the rational analysis of experienced reviewers in order to obtain objective and objective evaluation results.

ISO12233 resolution resolution test card specification:
The Matt Test Chart / Reflective dumb face test card is often used in reflective standard light box (3nh Reflective Light Box)
The Glossy Test Chart / Transmissive glossy test card is suitable for transmission type standard light box (3nh Transmissive Light Box)

Notes and summary of ISO12233 resolution resolution test card:
The two important indexes of resolution include resolution and contrast. Resolution refers to the lens reproduction subject details, the higher the resolution, the picture is clear and delicate; contrast refers to the reproduction of the subject of low contrast details, ability of gradation, contrast is high, sharp picture scenery, sharp edges, rich layers, strong texture, bright tone.
The resolution and resolution test card must match the camera to test the lighting box, which is used in the illumination of transmission type and reflection type high definition test card, and is divided into portable, horizontal, desktop, vertical and other specifications.
A brief introduction to the ISO12233 resolution of the first here, here is just about to tell you what is called the ISO12233 resolution test card, its specification parameters, please contact us if you want to set the configuration specific price information and test conditions. When the camera test, mobile phone camera test, security monitoring camera test, color reduction performance test, geometric distortion test, gray test, ISO12233 resolution test card and the mass of the industry information for your reference.

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