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The future development of color difference meter

2017-10-25      Click:40
With the progress of science and technology, the research and development of color difference instrument and aquatic products are also in progress, especially domestic color difference instrument. Color detection in industrial production has become a concern for every manufacturer.
The development trend of color difference instrument has the following aspects:
With the rapid development of science and technology, the use of new materials, color difference instrument combined with micro processor and computer testing software can achieve more accurate, more reliable, more function of color detection and analysis function. At the same time, the calculation speed, induction sensitivity and analysis comprehensive degree are improved, and the color difference instrument is more humanized and intelligent.
Accurate high speed
For micro processing and sensor performance enhancement, color detection embedded more advanced algorithm, can realize more quickly and more accurate realization of more products and environment color detection. Material innovation, process development, you can use a higher precision light source and sensor, the speed and accuracy of measurement will be better and better.
Stability of measurement
Now the domestic design development colorimeter mostly uses the photodiode as sensors, along with the development of semiconductor technology and coating technology of science and technology progress, the future of domestic colorimeter may gradually joined the semiconductor, coating technology and efficient algorithm, to ensure the accuracy and stability of colorimeter.
Portable shape
Large color difference meter is very troublesome and inconvenient in the process of measurement and transportation. The manufacturers will study the colorimeter with small size, full function, high precision and good stability.
Realize the conversion of multiple color spaces
In order to achieve mutual conversion, more color measurement colorimeter may realize the future of CIERGB, CIEXYZ, CIELAB, CIELCH, hunter LAB, provides more test parameters for the user . The CIEXYZ color spaces are shown in Figure. Figure CIEXYZ color space
The function of PC computer extended colorimeter
This function may be the function of all the instruments in the future. The use of color difference instruments on the computer will become a trend in the era of information and technology.

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